5 Best Weight Loss Pills That Help You Get The Body Of Your Dreams

Losing weight1 can be tough, especially when your hard work just isn’t getting you to where you want to be.

You may be doing everything right, but the results are taking forever to show.

What you need is a safe and effective weight loss supplement to accelerate your efforts.

Weight loss pills2 work with your diet and exercise routine to burn fat, shed extra pounds, and retain lean muscle.

But which one should you choose?

There are so many options, and all promise great results.

We decided to make this decision easier for you.

We completed deep research and compiled a list of the 5 best weight loss pills on the market right now.

TOP 5: Best Weight Loss Pills

1. PhenQ


First on the list is the PhenQ dietary supplement.

What we love most about PhenQ is that it has been developed to enhance the entire weight loss process.

It doesn’t simply reduce hunger or speed the metabolism, it does it all.

PhenQ is, most importantly, safe to use.

It is all-natural and there are no reported side effects. (Of course, take precautions and see your doctor if you have any concerns).

The superstar ingredient in PhenQ is called a-LACYS RESET.

This is a trademarked weight loss ingredient from Nutraceuticals Group International.

a-LACYS RESET is made from alpha-lipoic acid and cystine.

These are both organic antioxidants, (yes, they help to reduce those lines and wrinkles!).

Most importantly, they boost fat loss and support muscle growth.

Most people want to maintain their muscle tone when losing fat, so this is a real breakthrough ingredient.

The other ingredients in the all-natural, vegan formulation are:

  • Capsimax powder: made from capsicum and pepper: these raise your body heat to boost fat burning.
  • Niacin: helps to boost the metabolism and supports the heart by balancing good and bad cholesterol.
  • Caffeine: boosts your energy, of course! Work out harder and longer, and fight those midday cravings3.
  • Nopal: packs a fiber punch, keeping you full and satisfied. It boosts your energy levels, too (always handy for that workout motivation)4.
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate: helps to turn fat into energy (slim down and feel energized)5.
How it works?

PhenQ helps you to achieve your weight loss and physique goals by supporting the entire weight loss process. It does this by:

  • Boosting metabolism to burn energy.
  • Supports steady and strong energy levels.
  • Keeps cravings and hunger at bay.
  • Stops new fat from forming.
  • Helps to maintain muscle and even supports muscle growth.
  • Supports mood and mentality so you stay happy and positive. It’s far easier to stick to a weight loss plan when you’re feeling good!
Pros & cons
  • Formulated in FDA and GMP-approved labs.
  • Helps to build muscle.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Completely safe (no reported side effects).
  • Does not contain phentermine.
  • A little pricey.

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2. Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout

Next on the list is the feisty Instant Knockout supplement.

It won’t surprise you to know that this was formulated for MMA fighters.

Boxers and pro fighters need to lose that extra fat ASAP, which is where Instant Knockout comes in.

To be blunt: it gives the metabolism a major kick up the butt. What’s more, it helps to keep your hard-earned muscle safe.

You will recognize the ingredients, as they are all-natural (and safe!).

The key ingredients are:

  • Green tea: boosts energy, ramps up the metabolism, and keeps your body burning fat all day long6.
  • Cayenne pepper: boosts metabolism and increases insulin sensitivity7.
  • Glucomannan: keeps you full and says “NO” to cravings8.
  • Caffeine: powers your energy levels for intense, calorie-burning workouts.
  • Vitamin B12: helps the body to create energy9.
  • GTF Chromium: helps the body to process sugar and carbs properly, and boosts energy10.
How it works?

The philosophy behind Instant Knockout is simple.

It gives your metabolism a “rev up”, meaning you burn more energy at all times.

It curbs hunger and reduces cravings, therefore prevents those unneeded calories.

And of course, it boosts energy so you can power through your workouts and burn more calories and build more muscle.

Because it contains green tea, Instant Knockout helps to stop the Alpha-2 receptor from holding onto fat.

Alpha-2 receptors like to tell the body to hold on to fat, (annoyingly).

The natural power of green tea stops these receptors in their tracks, helping us to avoid fat gain, and get rid of stored fat.

Pros & cons
  • 3-month money-back guarantee.
  • All-natural.
  • Great for men and women (not just burly MMA fighters!).
  • Safe to take.
  • Boosts energy.
  • Curbs cravings.
  • Speeds up the metabolism.
  • Supports muscle maintenance and gain.
  • On the more expensive side.

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3. LeanBean


Next on the list is one just for the ladies!

Leanbean has been created with the female body and metabolism in mind, so it’s not just a “one size fits all” supplement.

Unlike other products on our list, Leanbean doesn’t contain strong stimulants. Instead, the hero of the formula is glucomannan, a natural dietary fiber which suppresses the appetite.

Leanbean won’t perk you up and make you an energizer bunny, it’s more “chill” than that!

The other key ingredients include:

  • Choline: helps to regulate healthy cholesterol levels and supports a healthy metabolism11.
  • Garcinia cambogia: helps to keep the appetite stable and curbs cravings12.
  • Chromium picolinate: helps to regulate blood sugar levels.
  • B vitamins: supports healthy energy levels.
  • Green coffee: provides antioxidants (free radical fighters!). Also gives a gentle energy boost with a low dose of caffeine13.
  • Turmeric: boosts metabolism and soothes inflammation14.
  • Piperine: kicks the metabolism and slows down fat storage.
How it works?

Leanbean covers three of the main factors in fat loss: appetite control, fast metabolism, and proper energy levels.

Leanbean uses the natural power of glucomannan from the konjac plant.

You may know the konjac plant from the popular ketogenic product “miracle” noodles (also known as shirataki).

Glucomannan extracted from the konjac plant gives the sensation of fullness, helping to regulate calorie intake.

The metabolism is accelerated using natural ingredients such as chromium, zinc, and choline.

These ingredients keep the metabolism churning at full speed, burning calories constantly.

And lastly, energy levels are supported using crucial vitamins B6 and B12.

There are small amounts of caffeine in Leanbean, but nothing too extreme.

Pros & cons
  • Formulated especially for the female body and metabolism.
  • Made in FDA-regulated facilities.
  • Safe and without side effects.
  • 3-month money-back guarantee.
  • Doesn’t have strong stimulants (great for people with sleep troubles).
  • A little expensive.
  • Doesn’t give the energy boost some people expect or prefer.

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4. Clenbutrol


Fourth on the list is Clenbutrol.

Before you get confused, let’s clear up the obvious: Clenbutrol is not the same as Clenbuterol15.

The latter is a drug that is banned in the USA for human usage.

It is used to treat breathing issues in horses.

Clenbuterol works similarly to steroids in the sense that it packs on muscle, which is why it’s a popular (yet notorious) bulking supplement outside of the USA (or used illegally in the USA).

Clenbutrol is a product formulated under the brand name Crazy Bulk.

It is a natural, legal alternative to Clenbuterol.

It has been designed to mimic the metabolism-boosting, muscle-building properties of Clenbuterol.

It’s favored by athletes and gym-goers wanting to shed fat and get major gains, fast.

This is a weight loss pill for people with serious goals who want to overcome plateaus.

The key ingredients are:

  • Vitamin B3: boosts energy levels.
  • Garcinia Cambogia: suppresses the appetite for calorie control.
  • Guarana extract: gives a caffeine hit for energized workouts16.
  • Bitter orange extract/Synephrine: this is a controversial ingredient as it is banned by The National Collegiate Athletic Association. It is thought to be a dangerous substance that can raise heart rate, blood pressure, and even lead to heart attack and stroke17.
How it works?

Clenbutrol by CrazyBulk works by boosting the metabolism so you burn more calories and more fat.

It also helps to increase oxygen flow which means you can work out harder and longer.

The desired result is less fat, more muscle, more bulk, more “shred”.

Pros & cons
  • Supports muscle growth.
  • Works fast.
  • It’s legal.
  • Contains synephrine which is considered a risky ingredient.
  • Caffeine content may be too strong for some people.

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5. Performance Lab Fat Burner

Performance Lab Fat Burner

Last but not least, we have the Performance Lab Fat Burner at number five on our list.

The Performance Lab Fat Burner is designed to enhance the effects of fasted workouts.

Essentially, it burns fat while preserving muscle.

If you find that your fasted workouts are a little lackluster, this could be a good choice for you.

It provides extra energy and ensures fat burning during and after your workout.

Another interesting aspect is that the Performance Lab Fat Burner is completely free of caffeine and stimulants.

This is a fantastic feature for people who don’t need an extra caffeine boost!

Some people are super sensitive to caffeine and find it truly disrupts sleep.

What’s more, this formula is vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free so it caters to different allergies and dietary choices.

The key ingredient is HMB (B-Hydroxy B-Methyl butyrate) which comes from the amino acid Leucine18.

HMB protects the muscles from breaking down due to fasted exercise.

It helps to build muscle, fuels fasted workouts and helps the body to use stored fat for energy.

The other key ingredients are:

  • Coleus Forskohlii: a root that contains forskolin. Forskolin supports the hormones which boost the metabolism, fat burning, and muscle growth19.
  • Cayenne pepper: boosts metabolism and fat burning.
  • Black pepper extract: boosts metabolism and helps to stop new fat cell creation.
How it works?

Performance Labs Fat Burner works by maximizing fasted workouts.

Working out on an empty stomach is great for burning fat, but it can also cause the muscles to break down.

The key ingredient HMB provides energy and protects the muscles.

Thermogenic ingredients such as black pepper and cayenne pepper boost the metabolism for extra fat-burning power.

Pros & cons
  • Caffeine-free (great for caffeine-sensitive people).
  • Vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and GMP certified.
  • Great for fasted workouts.
  • Most effective for fasted training, which isn’t for everyone.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a weight loss pill?

diet pills on a scale

A weight loss pill is just as it sounds.

It is a supplement formulated to increase metabolism and burn stored fat.

The end goal for most people who take weight loss pills is to become leaner, more toned, and with a lower body fat percentage.

Let’s say you’ve been training extra hard.

You’ve been lifting heavier weights and running faster than ever.

You want to see real results!

Well, sometimes the last obstacle is losing those last pounds of fat so your gains can show through.

Weight loss supplements help the body to “do its thing” and shed stored fat.

They can even help with muscle growth (hello, lean and toned).

Weight loss pills generally help the body to shed fat by offering these benefits:

  • They increase the metabolism so your body burns more energy throughout the day. They do this by using thermogenic ingredients which increase the heat of the body.
  • They control the appetite and reduce cravings so you can stick to your calorie intake plan and avoid overeating.
  • They give you an energy boost so you can be more active throughout the day and achieve more effective workouts.
  • They are safe, natural and do not pose risks or side effects. They simply help the body to naturally burn more fat!

Remember that a weight loss supplement is not a laxative!

A weight loss pill is designed to help you burn stored fat, and not simply lose weight.

What are the benefits of weight loss supplements?

  • They help to burn stored fat which is hard to shift purely with diet and exercise.
  • They increase energy levels and vitality.
  • They help to keep cravings under control.
  • They help to maintain a healthy weight and body fat percentage.
  • They give your workouts a boost so you can lift heavier and train harder.
  • They help to slow down the process of storing fat.
  • They help the body to process carbohydrates and sugars.

Who should buy a weight loss supplement?

woman after weight loss

If you are 18 and over, you are generally healthy, and you’re not pregnant or breastfeeding, you could buy a weight loss supplement.

If you have a fat loss goal or you want to show off those hard-earned muscles, a weight loss supplement could be a great step in the right direction.

Because the 5 best weight loss pills on our list are all natural and safe, there’s no “red tape” around them in terms of who can take them.

However, like all supplements, natural or not, you need to be careful with what you’re putting into your body.

Check with your doctor if:

  • You are under 18.
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You have previously experienced eating disorders.
  • You are on other regular medications.

What ingredients should I look for?

Like all dietary supplements, there are good and bad ingredients. All five of the products reviewed here contain safe, effective, and scientifically-backed ingredients.

On your search, look for these key ingredients:

  • Caffeine: natural energy booster.
  • Garcinia Cambogia: plant-based appetite suppressant.
  • Capsicum/capsaicin: natural thermogenic which speeds up the metabolism.
  • Cayenne pepper: natural thermogenic which boosts metabolism.
  • Glucomannan: dietary fiber which keeps you feeling full and satisfied.
  • Green tea: boosts energy and helps to release stored fat.
  • Vitamin B12: helps with energy production and overall vitality.
  • Chromium: controls appetite and keeps sugar and carb cravings to a minimum.

Are there any side effects?

The 5 best weight loss pills on our list have all been tested for safety and have no reported side effects.

However, it does depend on how you take them and if you follow the dosage instructions.

Like most supplements (and food, for that matter!), if you overdo it, there are bound to be a few noticeable consequences.

If you take too many weight loss pills which contain caffeine, you might experience:

  • Trouble getting to sleep.
  • A racing heart or anxiety.
  • Digestive problems.

These side effects are just the same as if you drank too much coffee or energy drinks.

Our top 5 weight loss pills are all completely safe.

However, certain other weight loss ingredients have been banned due to being unsafe.

Unfortunately, some weight loss pills have these ingredients lurking in their formulation.

Watch out for ingredients such as:

  • Sibutramine,
  • DMAA,
  • Fenfluramine,
  • Ephedrine,
  • Synephrine (see Clenbutrol/Crazybulk review at number 4 on the list).

While these ingredients are banned in the US, they can still be found in weight loss pills created in other countries.

When buying weight loss pills outside of US-approved markets, be sure to study the ingredients lists and conduct proper research.

These ingredients were banned for a reason.

They were notorious for certain serious side effects such as heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, and even death.

Stick to the safe, natural, and effective products on our list and you’ll be safe, healthy, and thriving.


weight loss supplements on hand

After studying the 5 best weight loss pills on the market, we’ve figured out what makes a truly great weight loss supplement.

The best weight loss pills:

  • Are natural and safe.
  • Boost the metabolism naturally.
  • Protect the muscles from degradation.
  • Provide energy for effective exercise.
  • Don’t contain banned or dangerous ingredients.
  • Don’t cause side effects.
  • Offer a money-back guarantee.

The five best weight loss pills we have reviewed here offer something for everyone:

  • PhenQ: best for all-round weight loss, energy, muscle gain, and fat loss.
  • Instant Knockout: best for bulking and strenuous workouts.
  • LeanBean: best for women.
  • Clenbutrol/CrazyBulk: best for fast results and extreme shredding. Best for people who don’t mind taking synephrine (read up on this before you take Clenbutrol).
  • Performance Lab Fat Burner: best for fasted workouts and caffeine-sensitive people.

When figuring out which weight loss pill to choose, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are my goals? Fat loss? Muscle gain? Both?
  • Am I sensitive to caffeine or could I use that energy hit?
  • Are my workouts fueled or fasted?
  • What is my budget and price range?
  • Do I have any existing conditions or medications? (if so, see the doc!)
  • Am I trying to get pregnant or are breastfeeding? (also, see the doc!)

By narrowing down on your expectations, restrictions, and needs, you can match yourself up with a product on our list.

Make the most of the money-back guarantee (which most products offer) so you can find the very best one for you, without straining your wallet.

Remember that a weight loss pill isn’t a quick fix.

It will not reverse a bad diet or sedentary lifestyle.

Rather, it supplements your healthy lifestyle and gives you that final boost to reach your goals.

You will see results if you keep smashing your exercise routine, (whether you’re a beginner or a long-time athlete!) and follow a balanced diet.


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