Prime Male Review: 10 Things You Should Know About This Supplement


Prime Male is a testosterone boosting supplement that promises to increase your testosterone levels by 42% in just 12 days. To accomplish this feat, Prime Male relies on 12 critical ingredients that have. This t-booster will give you a host of benefits including more energy, higher libido, better moods and more confidence. Within no time, you will experience the potency and virility that you had in your 20’s.


  • It is made from scientifically proven ingredients.
  • Prime Male boosts energy, libido and increases muscle mass.
  • All the ingredients are added in the right dosage to give results.
  • Does not have adverse side effects.
  • Ships worldwide.


  • Not suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Some people might find it costly.
  • Not available in brick & motor stores.

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What is Prime Male?

what is prime male

If you are a male over 30 years old, you are bound to lose 1% of your testosterone every year.

A 2007 study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology backs this claim, stating that men’s testosterone levels have been declining rapidly for decades.

This decline can result in fatigue, loss of muscle mass, low sex drive, brittle bones, unwanted body fat and low self-esteem.

Prime Male is a dietary supplement created to counter the loss of testosterone and subsequent side effects.

It is made from potent ingredients that have been found to be effective in boosting testosterone levels in the body.

Unlike other t-boosters1 , the ingredients in Prime Male are in proper doses that will be sure to give you results.

If taken as recommended, Prime Male promises to give you the potency and virility that you had in your 20’s.

This formula is backed by Hollywood celebrity Dolph Lundgren who, despite being in his 60’s feels more energetic, positive and has high libido thanks to Prime Male.

This t-booster is manufactured by Propura Ltd., a company that conducts advanced natural health research based in the United Kingdom.

It is made in FDA approved facilities and ships worldwide.

In this Prime Male review, you will learn a bit more about this t-booster, such as what it is made out of, how much it costs, where you can buy it and what other users are saying about it.

Without further ado, let us get right into the review.

What are the ingredients in Prime Male?

prime male ingredients

As mentioned, Prime Male comprises of 12 natural ingredients that have been highly researched and tested.

These are:

D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate

This amino acid triggers the release of the luteinizing hormone, which in turn signals the testes to produce testosterone. The chelate version that is used in this formula is more effectively absorbed in the body and causes less stomach irritation2.


This mineral plays a vital role in freeing up testosterone that has been bound by sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). Bound testosterone is useless, and once freed it is freely available to be used by the body3.


This flavonoid is a potent aromatase inhibitor. Aromatase is an enzyme that converts testosterone to the female hormone estrogen. Once inhibited, the body will have more testosterone reserves.

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium is essential for a host of body functions. It is included in this formula for its ability to lower the SBHG count, which increases the level of ‘free’ testosterone that is available for use4.

Mucuna Pruriens

When a man has high levels of prolactin in his blood, he might have low testosterone levels. This legume helps to lower prolactin levels and preventing the depletion of testosterone. It also reduces the amount of cortisol, the stress hormone, as it is prone to destroying testosterone molecules5 .

Other ingredients found in this t-booster are:

  • Bioperine.
  • Korean red ginseng extract.
  • Nettle root extract.
  • Vitamin B6.
  • Vitamin D3.
  • Vitamin K2.
  • Zinc.

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Is Prime Male safe to use?

According to the makers of Prime Male, this t-booster is entirely safe to use and has no known side effects.

It has the correct dose of each ingredient and does not contain any ‘stuffed’ or useless additions.

To confirm its safety, the makers have listed each ingredient and its quantity o the label.

Unlike other t-boosters, Prime Male does not use proprietary blends that hide the real ingredients to users.

How does Prime Male work?

prime male pills

Prime Male uses scientifically proven ingredients to increase testosterone levels6.

It does this by addressing three of the most significant barriers to testosterone production in the body.

These barriers are the luteinizing hormone (LH), sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and the twin female hormones estrogen and prolactin.

Prime Male uses D-Aspartic Acid to stimulate the release of LH, which in turn signals the testes to produce testosterone.

A study done on this found that men who took a daily dose of D-AA increased their testosterone levels by 42% in less than two weeks.

Most of the testosterone found in the male body (up to 60%) is bound to SHBG, meaning that it is not available for the body to use.

This t-booster uses magnesium to reduce the levels of SHBG, while stinging nettle binds itself to the SHBG, therefore freeing more testosterone.

Prime Male relies on Boron to reduce the amount of estrogen in the blood, keeping the female characteristics such as man boobs at bay.

To find out more about similar t-boosters, check out our review of the 5 top testosterone supplements here.

What are the benefits of Prime Male?

Prime Male is designed to increase your testosterone levels, upon which several other things will happen:

  • You will lose unwanted body fat and gain lean muscle.
  • Your libido will increase.
  • You will feel better about yourself and enjoy new-found confidence.
  • Feelings of fatigue will go away, leaving you feeling energized and focused.
  • You will enjoy better prostate health and lower blood pressure.
  • Being leaner and healthier will promote your cardiovascular health.

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Prime Male reviews & complaints

Prime Male has many positive reviews on the official website, where it is sold exclusively.

Celebrities and famous athletes have endorsed it.

Many other users have also given their reviews, and here are some of them.

Charles, 53, from the USA says:

“I have been using this amazing product for about three months. I am very proud to say that I feel great. I now have the energy, libido and focus level that I was lacking. My last blood work showed that my testosterone levels have now risen to 476 which is technically in the normal range.

David, 49, from UK reports:

“I have been off work for the past year recovering from chronic depression, and up until I heard and read about Prime Male, my weight had rocketed to 23 stones. I had absolutely no energy and would sleep all day, and my libido was at 0. The chronic depression I suffered from has disappeared, I have got my self-confidence back and my Libido has increased 1000x. I no longer feel fatigued and have loads of energy.”

Jerry, 62, from USA, says:

“At 62, I feel like a 28-year-old babe magnet. I think my Pheromone must be supercharged. I feel great and the ladies find me attractive, yes even the young women. I am more than satisfied with “Prime Male” and would like to use it for the next 10 years.”

Vivek, 30, from India, confirms:

“Prime male is helping me achieve my goals that I have increased my endurance during work out and I am seeing significant changes in my physique. Even my love handles are fading now.

Pricing & where to buy Prime Male

prime male official website

Prime Male is available from the official website:

It is not available on other commercial sites such as Amazon or in brick and motor stores.

Although this might be an issue for some people, buying a product for the official website is advantageous.

First, you are sure that you are getting a legitimate product, while on some other sites, it might be counterfeit.

You also stand to take advantage of sales discounts and promotions offered by the manufacturer.

Finally, your credit card details will be safe, unlike when using third party sites.

On the official website, Prime Male comes in three packages.

You can pay using any major credit cards or PayPal.

One month’s supply
  • 1 bottle + 1 free: $69.00.
Two month’s supply
  • 2 bottles + 2 free: $138.00.
Six month’s supply
  • 4 bottles + 2 free: $276.00.
  • Free worldwide shipping.

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Does Prime Male cause any side effects?

Prime Male is formulated from natural ingredients, and it should not have any side effects.

If you are prone to allergies, you should read the label carefully before taking this supplement to ensure that you are not allergic to anything in it.

Since it does not contain caffeine, it is unlikely to interfere with sleep patterns or overstimulate you.

The capsules in this t-booster are made of gelatin; as such, it is not suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

A spot check online does not show any significant complaints about this t-booster having adverse side effects.

How to take Prime Male for the best results?

Each bottle of Prime Male contains 120 capsules.

For the best results, you should take four capsules per day, either with a meal or with a snack.

The best time is at 8 am, 11 am, 2 pm and 5 pm.

Do not exceed the recommended dose for any reason.

Who should and who shouldn’t use Prime Male?

Prime Male is designed primarily for men who are over 30 years old.

The manufacturers acknowledge that from the age of 30, men start losing testosterone at the rate of 1% per year.

It can also be used by any man who wants to reclaim his manhood, energy, libido and strength.

Prime Male is also ideal for men who would like to stay healthy in general, by avoiding health conditions brought about by low testosterone levels.

This t-booster should not be taken by women or any man under 18 years of age.

Those who have medical conditions that require prescription medications should consult a doctor before taking Prime Male.

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