Performance Lab Fat Burner Review: 10 Things You Should Know About It


Performance Lab Fat Burner is a dietary supplement that promises to help you lose fat while maintaining your muscles mass. Other than fat burning, it regulates appetite and blood sugar while optimizing hormones that build muscle. It is made from plant-based nutrients that are safe and free of adverse side effects. When combined with a proper diet and exercise, Performance Lab Fat Burner will give you the toned body you have been dreaming of.


  • It regulates blood sugar and curbs appetite.
  • It has no adverse side effects.
  • It is made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • It preserves muscle mass while supporting fat burning.
  • Does not contain caffeine, gluten, soy or any synthetic additives.
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


  • Some people might find it expensive.
  • Free shipping only applies to orders over $200.
  • Does not contain popular fat burning ingredients such as green tea and glucomannan.

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What is Performance Lab Fat Burner?

If you are looking to get a firm, ripped body, diet and exercise might not be enough.

Using a supplement such as Performance Lab Fat Burner will supercharge your metabolism and have fat melting off your body in no time.

This supplement1 uses superior ingredients that work to stimulate fat splitting and fat-burning enzymes.

It is especially potent in preserving muscle, whether you are working out in a fasted or non-fasted state.

Performance Lab Fat Burner also suppresses appetite and cravings, ensuring that you sustain your fat loss efforts.

This fat burner is formulated by Opti-Nutra, a company based in the UK and manufactured in FDA approved labs in New Jersey, USA.

The supplement ships worldwide and comes with a 30-day guarantee.

This is a Performance Lab Fat Burner review where we will be looking at what this supplement is, its ingredients, and how it works.

We will also tell you where to buy it, at what price, and also look at what other users are saying in the reviews section.

What are the ingredients in Performance Lab Fat Burner?

Performance Lab Fat Burner diet pills

This supplement contains the following ingredients:

Coleus Forskohlii

This Aryuvedic root contains an active ingredient called forskolin, which contributes to weight loss by creating lipase and adenylate cyclase, co-enzymes that release fatty acids from the cells. When they are released, the body can burn them for fuel2.

Cayenne Pepper Extract

Cayenne pepper contains compounds called capsaicin that give chili its burning effect. These compounds contribute to increased energy use in cells, which increases fat burning during exercise. They also signal for fat breakdown and oxidation during and after exercise3.

Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper optimizes thermogenesis or heat generation in the body, which supercharges your metabolism. It also inhibits the formation of new fat cells in the body. The form used in this formula, Bioperine, helps in the bioavailability of other ingredients making the supplement more effective.

HMB (ß-Hydroxy ß-Methyl butyrate)-

This is an amino acid that neutralizes muscle damage that may be caused by enzymes during fasted training. It also increases protein synthesis, which contributes to muscle growth.

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Is Performance Lab Fat Burner safe to use?

According to the manufacturer, this fat burner is safe to use.

This is because only the purest, quality ingredients have been used in optimal doses.

The supplement does not contain any stimulants, additives, or allergens such as soy, shellfish, peanuts, dairy, or gluten.

Because it does not contain any stimulants, it does not require cycling.

It is ideal for vegans and vegetarians.

How does Performance Lab Fat Burner work?

This fat burner harnesses the power of its ingredients to give you the promised results.

The primary amino acid in this formula, HMB, promotes active oxygen consumption while delaying the onset of lactic acid.

This ensures that you have endurance train for longer, which helps burn more calories.

At the same time, this amino acid neutralizes enzymes that break down muscles, ensuring that you only lose fat.

Cayenne pepper extract, on the other hand, fires up adrenergic receptors, which in turn signal for cells to increase their energy use.

This ensures that your body continues to burn calories even after the workout.

Black pepper is an ingredient that accelerates thermogenesis, helping to keep your body heat up, which encourages fat burning.

It is also useful in this formula because it increases the bioavailability of other ingredients, making it easy for the body to absorb.

If you would like to compare various fat burners, here is our review of the five best fat burners available in the market today.

What are the benefits of Performance Lab Fat Burner?

These are the benefits you can expect from taking this fat burner:

  • Intense fat burning.
  • Increased muscle mass resulting in a toned physique.
  • Controlled blood sugar levels.
  • Suppressed appetite and cravings.
  • More efficient metabolism.

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Performance Lab Fat Burner reviews & complaints

Performance Lab Fat Burner pills

Performance Lab Fat Burner is available for purchase on the official website.

Unfortunately, we could not find any customer reviews on the website.

According to customer service, the site is still under construction, and the reviews will be uploaded with time.

A spot check online showed a few reviews from different websites.

Here is one review from Live Magazine:

“Performance Lab SPORT Fat Burner is one of the best fat loss supplements on the market right now. It’s the total package – something that’s hard to believe since it only contains 4 ingredients! If you’re looking for a supplement to help you get through your next cut faster, with better results, and with less muscle wastage, this is an excellent choice.”

In the absence of reviews for this product, we looked at what people are saying about Performance Lab products in general.

Customers seem to be satisfied with other products from this manufacturer and have given them positive reviews.

Pricing & where to buy Performance Lab Fat Burner

official website

Performance Lab Fat Burner is available exclusively from the official website

According to the manufacturer, the decision not to have it sold in other e-commerce sites such as Amazon is deliberate.

Sites such as Amazon do not always differentiate the supplements that they sell.

Performance Lab Fat Burner is a high-quality product that would not risk its reputation by having it sold alongside other inferior products.

Another reason is that the official website carry’s all the information anyone would be looking for regarding the product.

There simply would not be enough space on Amazon for the same.

Buying a product from the official website is a plus for customers.

This is because you are assured of getting an authentic product direct from the manufacturer.

You also stand a chance to enjoy occasional discounts and efficient customer care services.

On the official website this supplement retails as follows:

One Month Supply
  • 1 bottle + 1 FREE (Limited Time Offer): $50.00 + shipping

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Does Performance Lab Fat Burner cause any side effects?

The manufacturer tells us that this supplement has no side effects.

It is made from plant-based natural ingredients that are added in precise doses.

It does not contain any allergens such as gluten, shellfish, wheat, nuts, and soy or stimulants such as caffeine.

It is also non-GMO and does not have any synthetic additives.

This supplement contains a ‘clean label’ which signifies that it is made from the purest forms of the ingredients and does not contain unnecessary fillers or artificial flavors.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, artificial flavors can increase our craving for sweet things, which can lead to weight gain.

This formula has also been verified by a third-party auditing company to confirm its purity, label accuracy, and quality.

How to use Performance Lab Fat Burner for best results?

The manufacturer recommends that you take 2-4 capsules about 15 minutes before your workout.

The exact number of capsules taken will depend on your needs.

You may start by taking two capsules before your workout and then increase your intake gradually if need be.

You should not exceed the recommended dose of four capsules per day.

It is safe to stack this fat burner with other supplements such as Performance Lab Pre-workout and Performance Lab Energy.

Who should and who shouldn’t use Performance Lab Fat Burner?

Performance Lab Fat Burner supplement

This supplement can be used by both men and women who are over the age of 18 years.

Ideally, they are recommended for anyone who is looking to optimize their performance with potent but safe alternatives.

Performance Lab Fat Burner can also be taken by people on different weight loss programs that constitute a healthy diet and exercise.

Similar to other supplements, expectant and lactating mothers should not take this fat burner.

While it uses ingredients in their purest forms, interactions are possible, and if you are taking any prescription medicine, you should speak to your doctor before purchasing this supplement.

Clenbutrol can be used by both men and women who are looking to burn fat and build muscle.

It is especially ideal for men who are struggling to build a ripped body.

Women can use this supplement as a boost to their weight lifting efforts to gain a toned, sexy body.

Expectant or lactating mothers should not use this supplement.

If you have any doubts regarding this supplement, you should consult your doctor before you make a purchase.

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