Instant Knockout Review: 10 Things You Should Know About This Supplement


Instant Knockout is a cutting edge fat burner used by professional boxers and MMA fighters. Based on its scientifically proven ingredients, it can jumpstart your metabolism and keep it running. When you combine Instant Knockout with exercise and a proper diet, it will help you melt away stubborn fat. This will leave you looking shredded, toned and sexy, and as confident as ever in your new dream body.


  • Endorsed by professional boxers and MMA fighters such as Diego Sanchez.
  • Formulated from natural ingredients and therefore has no adverse side effects.
  • Melts away stubborn fat.
  • Curbs appetite and reduces cravings.
  • Instant Knockout is ideal for both men and women.
  • The manufacturer offers free shipping for some packages.


  • Requires to be combined with diet and exercise for proper results.
  • Contains caffeine which might interrupt sleep patterns.
  • Results are not immediate and vary with people depending on their metabolism and lifestyle.

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What is Instant Knockout?

what is instant knockout

Instant Knockout is a fat burning dietary supplement initially designed to help MMA fighters’ burn fat before a fight1.

It is highly endorsed by Diego Sanchez, the winner of season one of The Ultimate Fighter.

It is now available to the general public, giving you a chance to lose fat, just like the professionals.

This fat burner2 is formulated from thoroughly researched ingredients, each selected for its potency in burning fat.

The makers of this supplement guarantee that if taken alongside a healthy diet and exercise, you will soon see the pounds falling off.

Instant Knockout is manufactured by Roar Ambition, a supplements company based in the United Kingdom.

It is produced in the USA in FDA and cGMP certified facilities.

In this Instant Knockout review, we will give you more information on what this supplement is, its ingredients, how it works, and its benefits.

We will also advise you on where to buy it and discuss what other users are saying about it.

What are the ingredients in Instant Knockout?

instant knockout ingredient list

Instant Knockout is formulated from ten natural ingredients which include:

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is rich in catechins, which are natural antioxidants. It also contains caffeine which, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, increases mental awareness and focus3.

Cayenne Pepper Seeds

Cayenne contains capsaicin, a compound that improves the way our bodies store carbs. It also boosts the body’s metabolism accelerating fat burning4.


Extracted from the Konjac plant, this ingredient passes through the stomach without being digested. This keeps you feeling fuller for longer, suppressing appetite and reducing cravings5.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, giving you an energy boost, which helps you get through even the toughest workouts. It also combats fatigue and keeps you focused6.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin helps the body with effective absorption of amino acids. This, in turn, helps the body to build muscle. It also elevates metabolism which results in fat burning.

Other ingredients used in this fat burner include:

  • Vitamin B12,
  • GTF Chromium,
  • Zinc,
  • Piperine,
  • Green Coffee Bean.

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Is Instant Knockout safe to use?

Yes. Instant Knockout is formulated from natural ingredients and is entirely safe to use.

You should, however not take more than the recommended dose of four capsules per day.

You should also not combine it with other supplements containing caffeine.

How does Instant Knockout work?

instant knockout reviews

Instant Knockout works by increasing the body’s metabolism, which results in less storage of fat.

Metabolism refers to the process by which the body converts food into energy.

When your metabolism is slow, you burn fewer calories forcing the body to store the rest as fat.

Instant Knockout is designed to increase metabolism, which ensures that your body burns more calories than usual, even while at rest.

This supplement also contains ingredients designed to curb appetite and reduce cravings of sugary snacks.

These sugary snacks slow down fat burning and contribute to fat-storing.

If you have fewer cravings, it means that you will burn more fat.

Finally, Instant Knockout provides you with energy to sustain gym workouts, which are an essential contributor to fat loss.

For other supplements that work in a similar way to Instant Knockout, check out our review of the five best fat burning supplements available in the market today.

What are the benefits of Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout promises you the following benefits:

  • It will help you burn stubborn, unwanted fat.
  • Curbs appetite and reduces cravings.
  • A firm, toned and sexy body.
  • Increased libido and energy in the bedroom.
  • A boost in confidence from having a good looking body.
  • Sustained energy in sports, work and family activities.

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Instant Knockout reviews & complaints

Instant Knockout has many reviews on the official website and other sites such as Here are some of the reviews.

Nick, from the USA, notes on the official website:

Upon starting the first month of Instant Knockout, I immediately felt a difference in metabolic rate. In a single month, I went from 187 pounds down to 179 during strength training. Instant Knockout is hands down the best fat burning supplement on the market right now and I would recommend it to anyone”.

Maz Delacerna from Australia reports on the official website:

“I decided to try instant knockout after trying several other fat burners. I had increased energy, stopped eating out of boredom and felt so much stronger at the gym. Instant knockout has helped me kick start my journey, and I am now a bikini competitor.”

David Lippincott from USA comments on

“I took the first bottle and it didn’t do anything for me. I contacted them and they told me that I had to take 3 bottles for the full effect to work. So I did just that, even worked out the times of the day with the person. I am now finished with the 3 bottles, and it did nothing for me.”

Laquita from USA responds on

“Instant Knockout is knocking my fat right off. I Love this product I have been losing weight. I have reordered these to make sure that I don’t run out.”

Pricing & where to buy Instant Knockout

instant knockout website

Instant Knockout is available for purchase on the official website

You can make payment via PayPal or Amazon Pay.

All major credit cards such as American Express, MasterCard and Visa are also accepted.

It is advisable to buy this supplement from the official website as you are guaranteed the original product, massive discounts, and safe transactions.

On the official website, Instant Knockout is available in three packages.

One month supply
  • 1 bottle: $59.00 + shipping.
Two months supply
  • 2 bottles: $118.00.
  • Free delivery in the USA & UK.
Ultimate shredding stack – Three months supply
  • 3 bottles + 1 Free: $185.00.
  • Free delivery worldwide.

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Does Instant Knockout cause any side effects?

According to the manufacturers, Instant Knockout is formulated from natural ingredients and therefore does not have any adverse side effects.

Because it contains caffeine, you should not take it alongside other stimulants.

According to, caffeine has a half-life of five hours, after which most of it has been eliminated from the body.

This is why the manufacturer of Instant Knockout recommends that you take your last capsule about five hours before bedtime.

Some users have, however reported having some side effects from taking this supplement.

On the official website, Maz noted that she had trouble sleeping when she first started taking Instant Knockout.

This change eventually stabilized and she was able to move on with the workouts.

She says:

“I will admit the first couple of days I was on such a high it was hard to sleep. I eventually got used to it and continued with my weight training.”

On Amazon, Sharon D Addison reported experiencing hives after taking Instant Knockout.

Although she had checked all the ingredients beforehand to make sure that she is not allergic to any, she still reacted severely.

She is convinced that there is a hidden ingredient in the product that caused her reaction.

She also feels that the manufacturer was not supportive enough regarding her issue.

She says:

“I recently ordered Instant Knock Out. Upon taking the first recommended dose, I broke out in hives. I tried it again the next day and again broke out. Taking this product landed me in the hospital. My money was not refunded.”

How to take Instant Knockout for the best results?

One bottle of Instant Knockout contains 120 capsules.

For best results, you should take four capsules spread throughout the day.

You could take one in the morning, before lunch, in the afternoon and before your evening meal.

As mentioned, you should take it about five hours before bedtime as it might interrupt your sleep patterns.

You should not exceed the recommended four capsules in one day.

Who should and who shouldn’t use Instant Knockout?

instant knockout fat burner

Instant Knockout was initially designed only for MMA fighters who wanted to shred before a significant fight.

It is now available for the general public and can be used by anyone above 18 years who is looking to burn fat and attain a trim, toned body.

Although at first glance, one might think that it is made only for men, Instant Knockout can also be used by women.

It does not contain hormones, testosterone, or proteins and therefore, women should not be afraid of bulking up.

This supplement is not recommended for anyone below 18years and expectant women.

If you have any pre-existing conditions that require other medication, you should consult your physician before taking Instant Knockout.

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