Mind Lab Pro Review: 10 Things You Should Know About This Supplement


Mind Lab Pro is a powerful nootropic designed to elevate your brainpower to 100%. To do this, it works on six different brain pathways, including cerebral circulation, neural regeneration, brain waves, neuroprotection, energy metabolism and neurotransmission. By targeting these six areas, this nootropic gives you improved mental performance, the ability to multitask and promotes long-range brain health. Mind Lab Pro is ideal for professionals, athletes, students, and anyone looking to have a sharper mind for problem-solving and creativity.


  • This nootropic works on several areas of the brain for a full effect.
  • It promotes brain activity as well as brain health.
  • It is formulated from well-researched ingredients backed by clinical trials.
  • The manufacturer offers free worldwide shipping for some packages.
  • It works fast, and users can feel the effects a few hours after use.
  • Does not contain artificial additives, preservatives, gluten, or caffeine.
  • Has numerous positive reviews on the official website.


  • Some people may find it pricey.
  • Only available on the official website.
  • Free shipping only favors the three-month package.

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What is Mind Lab Pro?

mind lab pro pills

Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic1 or brain booster that promises to jumpstart your brain to a 100% peak performance.

It uses 11 carefully selected ingredients to meet the brain’s needs in six distinct ways.

This, in turn, fuels different cognitive functions ensuring that you enjoy optimum mental performance.

Some of the areas where you will see improvement after using it include memory, performance, a better mindset, and structural regeneration.

Unlike other products in the market, Mind Lab Pro does not use any stimulants or artificial additives.

It is designed to meet your mental performance requirements while also working on your long term brain health.

Mind Lab Pro is manufactured by Opti-Nutra Ltd., a nutraceutical company based in the UK.

While it is designed and formulated in the UK, this brain booster is made in FDA certified labs in New Jersey, USA.

This Mind Lab Pro review takes a closer look at this nootropic, discussing exactly how it works, what it is made of, and what benefits it can give you.

This review will also tell you where to where to buy it and how much it costs.

What are the ingredients in Mind Lab Pro?

mind lab pro label

This brain booster is made up of eleven ingredients. They are:

These are:

Phosphatidylserine (PS)

This is a compound mainly found in the brain membranes where it maintains fluidity and promotes neurotransmitters like dopamine. PS supports the production of energy in the brain as well and also helps with the disposal of damaged cells. It helps control memory loss and anxiety while promoting good moods and socialization2.

Citicoline (Cognizin)

This compound helps to electrical impulses that power our thoughts. Citicoline also plays a role in the repair and regeneration of brain cells. It also promotes brain health in the long term, protecting the brain from decline3.

Bacopa Monnieri

This is an antioxidant that protects brain cells from damage caused by free radicals. Bacopa also aids in memory, performance, and retention of information. It stimulates chemicals that help the brain in thinking, memory and promotion of good moods4.

Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom

This mushroom is the only one known to promote brain health. It stimulates the nerve growth factor, which helps with neural regeneration. This ingredient also supports healthy brain cell replication and function.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Pine bark contains some extracts that signal for the release of nitric oxide in the brain, thus increasing blood flow. It is also an antioxidant that fights against free radicals. Pine bark has also been seen to improve cognitive decline associated with age5.

Other ingredients in this brain booster include:

  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Theanine
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Vitamins B6, B9, and B12

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Is Mind Lab Pro safe to use?

According to the manufacturers, Mind Lab Pro is safe, and its ingredients are well tolerated.

It is the only nootropic6 with a clean label- this means that it has no artificial colors, preservatives, GMO, gluten, caffeine or other additives.

Its ingredients are well researched and some of the most advanced in the industry, added in the most absorbable forms.

How does Mind Lab Pro work?

mind lab pro box

Mind Lab Pro works by targeting six different areas of the brain to unlock its potential 100%.

Each of its 11 ingredients contributes to a different action in the brain, activating the pathways mentioned above.

These pathways are:

  • Brain energy: This helps get rid of fog and mental fatigue, improving quick thinking, agility, and focus.
  • Brain chemistry: This promotes memory, processing speed, attention, and motivation.
  • Brain regeneration: This pathway is responsible for the repair and nourishment and growth of brain cells.
  • Brain circulation: Mind Lab Pro promotes brain oxygenation and gets rids of toxins. It also improves the delivery of nutrients to the brain.
  • Brain protection: Toxins and free radicals can damage the structure of the brain. This nootropic protects against that.
  • Brain waves: This pathway awakens creativity, alertness, productivity and learning.

If you would like to compare products that work similarly, check out our review on the five best nootropics in the market today.

What are the benefits of Mind Lab Pro?

Here are some of the benefits you should expect to see when you start taking Mind Lab Pro:

  • Heightened memory and recall ability.
  • A faster mental processing speed.
  • A better, more relaxed mood and mindset.
  • Better strategic thinking.
  • A boost in motivation and mental drive.
  • Better ability to study and learn.
  • Better attention, focus, and concentration.
  • Improved communication and verbal fluidity.
  • Ability to learn and understand more with better recall.

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Mind Lab Pro reviews & complaints

The manufacturers of Mind Lab Pro argue that it is the cleanest and most effective brain supplement ever developed.

These claims are backed by hundreds of reviews on the official website.

This brain booster is also endorsed by renowned personalities such as athletes, doctors, and even a chess grandmaster.

Here are some of the reviews from the official website.

Nigel Short, Chess Grandmaster:

“Chess requires memory, concentration, calculation and judgment. A single lapse of concentration can decide a game. It is difficult to concentrate intensely for long periods, but since I started taking Mind Lab Pro, I feel sharper more alert, and I react faster. It improves my concertation which is essential for chess. For me, Mind Lab Pro is a god sent.”

Jason Hartage gives it five stars:

“Mind Lab Pro is fantastic. I am doing a bachelor of health science, which qualifies me to be a doctor in Chinese medicine as a practitioner. I find that when I’m starting long hours along with research, it is an amazing product.”

Vaseem A, reports:

“My job involves presenting technical information all day to highly demanding and intelligent audiences in finance around the world. I use a dose of Mind Lab Pro in the morning and a half dose in the afternoon, and it keeps me noticeably sharper and more focussed. My mental energy never seems to wane. Caution though, I only use the product 5x and avoid it on off-days, holidays or the weekends.”

Piotr K says:

“I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to improve their memory, mental performance, and stress resistance.”

Pricing & where to buy Mind Lab Pro

mind lab pro website
Source: www.mindlabpro.com

Mind Lab Pro is available for purchase on the official website www.mindlabpro.com.

It is unfortunately not available on popular websites such as Amazon or in any brick and motor stores.

In response to not selling it anywhere else, the manufacturers argue that on Amazon, for example, Mind Lab Pro might be grouped with other low-quality nootropics.

It is also not possible to give full and comprehensive information about the mind supplement on independent websites.

Buying from the official website does have some advantages.

As a buyer, you are assured that you are buying the original product. Sites such as Amazon may have fake products.

If you have questions about your purchase or returns, you will be able to contact someone directly on the official website.

Finally, buying from the official website ensures the safety of your money and credit card information, and you will be eligible for generous discounts.

Mind Lab Pro is available in three packages:

Three month supply
  • 3 bottles + 1 free: $ 195.00.
  • Free shipping worldwide.
Two month supply
  • 2 bottles: $130.00 + shipping & handling.
One month supply
  • 1 bottle: $65.00 + shipping & handling.

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Does Mind Lab Pro cause any side effects?

mind lab pro brain booster

The makers of this brain booster tell us that is has no side effects.

This is because it does not contain any additives, stimulants, or artificial colors.

The ingredients are formulated in forms that are easily absorbed in the body, thus gentle on the stomach.

It is also ideal for both vegans and vegetarians.

Because Mind Lab Pro is sold only on the official website, we could not find independent reviews of whether it has any side effects.

The manufacturer does mention, however, that this brain booster can interact with other medications, so you should keep this in mind when taking the supplement.

How to take Mind Lab Pro for best results?

For the best results, you should take two capsules in the morning or early in the afternoon.

If you will have an activity that demands more cognitive ability such as an exam, presentation, athletic meet or deadline, you may take up to four capsules per day.

You should, however not take more than four capsules in 24 hours.

Mind Lab Pro requires cycling, i.e., you should take it for four weeks straight, then skip a whole week before resuming.

This helps in resetting any tolerance that the body might have built for the supplement.

If you experience any adverse reactions from taking this supplement, you should stop immediately and consult a doctor.

Who should and who shouldn’t use Mind Lab Pro?

mind lab pro nootropic

Anyone man or woman, looking to jumpstart their brainpower and boost different areas of cognition can use this nootropic,

It can be used by doctors, athletes, professionals, and students who have upcoming events that demand high brain function.

Mind Lab Pro can also be used by older people who find their cognitive abilities failing.

This supplement should not be used by expectant or nursing mothers or anyone under the age of 18.

Since it may interact with medication, those taking prescription medications should discuss its ingredients with a doctor before taking it.

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