6 Best Nootropics That Boost Your Productivity, Focus, and Cognitive Performance

The nootropic or ‘smart drug’ market has grown at a considerable rate in recent years.

Nootropics 1 are dietary supplements that promise to enhance cognitive function, increase focus, concentration, and memory.

Due to daily pressures and demands of work, family, and studies, you may find yourself looking for a boost to clear the occasional brain lull.

There are numerous brands of nootropics available, and choosing the right one for your needs might be a challenge.

This review looks at the six best nootropics in the market today.

It discusses gives an overview of what they are, how they work, their ingredients as well as pros and cons.

At the end of this review, we trust that you will have found a nootropic that will shift your brain to a higher gear, enabling you to achieve all your dreams.

TOP 6: Best Nootropics (Smart Drugs) You Should Consider

1. Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro by Universal Nootropic

Occasionally in your day to day activities, you might experience brain fog, moments when your brain is not as sharp as it should be.

Yet, you could be a professional, an athlete, or a student who leads an active lifestyle that demands dynamic brainpower all day long.

Such kind of a lifestyle cannot afford lulls or dry spells with little productivity.

Luckily, you have the power to ensure that this does not happen by taking Mind Lab Pro.

Mind Lab Pro is one of the most effective nootropics in the market today.

It is designed to meet your brain’s complex needs by activating various cognitive functions.

This is unlike other nootropics that focus only on one cognitive function.

Mind Lab Pro works on six bio-pathways to activate a whole mental performance.

This brain booster is made from 11 powerful ingredients, all carefully researched to boost your short term cognitive functionality.

It also nourishes and protects the brain to ensure that it stays healthy in the long term.

For best results, the manufacturer recommends that you take two capsules in the morning or early afternoon.

You may take up to four capsules per day during times of intense cognitive demands such as before exams, an athletic performance, etc.

Mind Lab Pro is manufactured in FDA approved labs in New Jersey, USA.

It is available only on the official website www.mindlabpro.com.

How it works?

Mind Lab Pro works by optimizing multiple brain pathways and functions.

This ensures that your brain achieves peak mental performance at all times.

Further, this brain booster not only boosts immediate brain performance but also promotes its long-term health and function.

Mind Lab Pro is able to achieve this by using a combination of 11 nootropic ingredients to stimulate your brain in six pathways, including:

  • Energy- Improves mental agility and takes away brain fog.
  • Brain chemicals- Optimizes memory and processing speed.
  • Blood flow- Keeps the brain oxygenated and free of toxins.
  • Brainwaves- Promotes alertness, which helps productivity and learning.
  • Neuroprotection- protects the brain from degradation.
  • Neuroregeneration- Repairs and nourishes brain cells.

In activating these six pathways, Mind Lab Pro also boosts four crucial areas of mental performance including memory, performance, mindset and structure.


Here are the three top ingredients found in this brain booster that make it so effective:

  • Citicoline 250mg as Cognizin – This ingredient energizes brain cells and is also responsible for inducing brain regeneration and repair. Research has shown that Cognizin promotes memory, focus, attention, and concentration.
  • Phosphatidylserine (PS) – This is a compound that is found in brain cell membranes. It helps slow down cognitive decline and also slows down memory loss. PS also helps to balance anxiety, moods, and socialization 2.
  • Bacopa Monnieri – Research has shown that this antioxidant boosts learning and retention while slowing down the rate of forgetfulness. Bacopa also speeds up the rate of mental processing and promotes relaxation.
Pros & cons
  • Targets 6 different pathways to optimize brain function.
  • Has immediate cognitive benefits.
  • Contains no artificial additives or caffeine.
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Can be taken by people of all ages.
  • Only available online on the official website.
  • Some people might find it pricey.

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2. Noocube


If you are looking to enhance your cognitive function, increase concentration, or improve your memory, you might want to consider Noocube.

Noocube is a safe and effective nootropic designed to help you achieve all these and more.

Everyday activities and demands require us to stay alert and proactive.

When we are bogged down by stress and mental fatigue, it is not possible to maintain this status.

Noocube helps to deliver the essential nutrients that our brains require to continue functioning optimally.

This smart drug is made from a scientifically tested formula incorporating seven powerful ingredients.

The manufacturer promises that a dose of only two capsules per day will give you more clarity and focus within 30 minutes.

Noocube is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Ltd, a dietary supplements company based in Cyprus.

It is available only on the official website: noocube.com.

How it works?

Noocube promises to enhance your mental state making you more productive and efficient with a sharper mind.

It relies on seven scientifically tested ingredients to increase your cognitive functioning.

The ingredients comprise of amino acids, brain vitamins, and other essential building blocks necessary for an optimally functioning brain.

Some of these ingredients have been used for treating debilitating brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Noocube works in three main ways:

  • It enhances cognitive function.
  • It increases concentration and focus.
  • It improves learning and memory.

Here are the three top ingredients found in this brain booster that make it so effective:

  • Alpha GPC – This ingredient has been seen to increase the levels of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is important for memory and concentration. Research shows that Alzheimer’s patients who took Alpha GPC over time showed improved cognitive function.
  • Huperzine A – This is a Chinese plant useful in inhibiting AChE, a substance responsible for breaking down acetylcholine, the learning neurotransmitter. By preventing the breakdown of this learning neurotransmitter, Huperzine A increases mental clarity, concentration, and memory.
  • Bacopa – Bacopa is derived from Indian herbs and contains compounds that aid in the repair of damaged neurons in the brain. It also promotes the growth of new nerves. This repair and growth improves communication in the brain, which leads to improved mental performance 3.
Pros & cons
  • Uses strong nootropic ingredients.
  • Backed by scientific research.
  • Has no side effects.
  • Does not contain caffeine.
  • Has a 60 days money-back guarantee.
  • Some people may not feel results on the recommended dosage.
  • Does not include any powerful stimulants.
  • Requires cycling.
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2. Performance Lab Mind

Performance Lab Mind

Performance Lab Mind is a potent nootropic that promises to boost your brainpower and overall brain health.

It increases brain energy and supports memory, focus, speed, and also aids in recovery from intense mental exertion.

To achieve this, it increases the flow of blood, oxygen, and necessary nutrients to the brain.

It also restores the balance of various brain chemicals to relieve you of mental stress.

Performance Lab Mind is formulated with ingredients whose efficacy is solidly backed by scientific research.

These include plant extracts and amino acids added in the purest and most potent forms to increase absorption in the body.

This supplement is recommended for students, professionals, and highly competitive individuals who need to maintain peak mental performance at all times.

To gain all its benefits, the manufacturer recommends that you take 1-2 capsules with your first meal of the day.

It is advisable to combine it with some dietary fat such as coconut oil to enhance the absorption of its phospholipid nutrients.

This nootropic is safe to use in the long term without the need for cycling.

Performance Lab Mind is manufactured by Opti Nutra, a UK based supplement company.

It is available for purchase on the official website and ships worldwide.

How it works?

Performance Lab Mind utilizes its ingredients to boost energy, blood flow, and provide nutrients to the brain.

It also promotes the regeneration of neurons and optimizes brain cell function in the long term.

Its primary ingredient, Citicoline, is a potent nootropic that supports cellular synthesis and boosts brain energy.

According to a study presented by the manufacturer, individuals who took this ingredient daily for six weeks showed a 26% increase in cell membrane regeneration.

It also increased their brain energy by 13.6%.

During times of intense mental stress, the brain utilizes various chemicals such as dopamine and epinephrine to the point of depletion.

This depletion can cause brain fog, short attention span, and mental burnout.

Performance Lab Mind relies on L-Tyrosine to stimulate the production of these chemicals, which restores the balance.

Finally, this nootropic contains antioxidants that protect brain cells from damage caused by free radicals.

This not only promotes overall brain cell health but reduces the effects of aging.


Here are the three main ingredients in this supplement that make it so effective:

  • Soy-Free Phosphatidylserine (PS): This is a healthy fat found in most body cells, but highly concentrated in the brain. It helps with the formation of new brain cells as well as their repair and maintenance. PS also optimizes these cells for communication, detects damage, and regulates various brain chemicals.
  • L-Tyrosine: This amino acid improves mental processing, memory, alertness, and focus, especially during times of intense stress. When one is stressed, the brain uses up important brain chemicals such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine.  Their depletion results in brain fog, forgetfulness, and mental burnout. L-Tyrosine stimulates the production of these chemicals restoring the balance.
  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract: This plant extract contains chemicals compounds that signal the release of Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is a vasodilator that widens and relaxes veins, allowing for a better flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the brain. It also contains antioxidants that neutralize damage in brain cells caused by oxidative stress.
Pros & cons
  • Made from clean, pure ingredients enhanced with next-generation nutrition technology.
  • Improves focus, memory and overall cognitive function.
  • Does not contain stimulants, additives or allergens.
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Scientific studies back the efficacy of its ingredients.
  • Delivers a brain lift without causing a crash afterward.
  • The capsules are infused with probiotics.
  • Can be used in the long-term without causing any side effects.
  • Made by a reputable manufacturer.
  • Does not utilize popular nootropic ingredients such as Alpha GPC.
  • Not available on popular e-commerce sites.
  • Free shipping does not apply to all packages.

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4. Qualia Mind

Qualia by Neurohacker

Qualia Mind is one of the most advanced nootropics in the market.

It is designed to improve cognitive function while supporting long-term brain health.

This brain booster is backed by science done by top scientists and doctors in diverse fields such as neurobiology and organic chemistry.

The makers of Qualia Mind claim to be the only ones using complexity systems science in their formulation.

This means that their formula has taken into account the whole body ecosystem and not just the brain.

This ensures that Qualia Mind increases receptors and cell sensitivity all over the body, promoting overall well-being.

The manufacturers offer two Qualia formulas- Qualia Focus and Qualia Mind.

Both products are designed to give you the same sought after results with a slight variation.

Qualia Mind is the premier product and the focus of this review.

This smart drug is formulated from 28 ingredients comprising of nootropic compounds, amino acids, antioxidants, and neuro vitamins.

For best results, the manufacturer recommends that you take seven capsules per day.

Qualia Mind is manufactured in the USA by Neurohacker Collective and also comes in a caffeine-free option.

How it works?

Qualia Mind is made from an advanced formula that is designed to:

  • Clear brain fog.
  • Increase focus and concentration.
  • Promote mental clarity.
  • Heighten creativity.
  • Support long term brain health.

It is able to achieve all these by pulling the power of 28 carefully selected ingredients.


Here are the three top ingredients found in this brain booster that make it so effective:

  • Bacopa monnieri extract – This ingredient is useful in improving the memory function of the brain. It is derived from Indian plants and is also helpful in repairing damaged neurons in the brain.
  • Uridine-5-Monophosphate heptahydrate disodium – This nootropic has been seen to improve learning and memory in the brain. It, therefore, helps one to remember and retain more information easily.
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine – Scientific studies have shown that this amino acid plays a crucial role in improving cognitive function. This is especially so during stressing times, such as under sleep deprivation, performance stress, and other types of exposure.
Pros & cons
  • Contains widely used ingredients.
  • Formula backed by scientific studies.
  • Increases focus and concentration.
  • Has no adverse side effects.
  • Requires one to take seven capsules per day.
  • One of the most expensive nootropics in the market.
  • Contains some ineffective ingredients.
  • Made by a relatively new company with few independent reviews.

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5. Nitrovit

Nitrovit by Project Nooyou

If you are looking for a quick boost of focus and concentration to complete a task, then Nitrovit is the brain booster for you.

Nitrovit works best for those who are looking for that extra push to finish a project, write an exam, participate in a competition, or uplift their moods.

This brain booster promises to give you up to eight hours of an enhanced memory and faster cognitive processing.

Nitrovit formulated from carefully selected nootropic ingredients that help it to live up to its promises.

Other than boosting brain functions, this supplement contains Choline 4, which helps the body fight fatigue, lethargy, and loss of drive.

The manufacturer recommends that you take three capsules per day.

You can, however, take up to four capsules depending on your needs.

Project Noo You manufactures this innovative product in New York in a GMP certified Lab.

It is available on the official website.

How it works?

Nitrovit is formulated from a natural blend of nootropic ingredients that have been scientifically researched and put together.

A combination of these ingredients work together to give you:

  • Increased focus and attention.
  • Improve mental alertness and clarity.
  • Boost motivation and productivity.
  • Accelerate learning and memory.
  • Repair damaged brain cells.
  • Boost physical stamina by fighting fatigue.

Here are the three top ingredients found in this brain booster that make it so effective:

  • Alpha GPC – This nootropic is extracted from the sunflower. It plays a significant role in the production of acetylcholine, which is responsible for efficient communication between neurons. This, in turn, improves memory, learning, clarity and cognitive functions.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – ALA is known for preventing damage to brain cells and tissues caused by oxidative stress. By protecting the cells from this damage ALA arrests forgetfulness, irritability and attention deficit. This ingredient has been used widely in the treatment of Alzheimer’s.
  • Guarana Powder – This ingredient is extracted from the guarana fruit mostly found in the Amazon. Guarana contains antioxidants and stimulants that boost focus and alertness. These stimulants, such as caffeine, also fight fatigue and help to relax the body and mind.
Pros & cons
  • Contains scientifically researched ingredients.
  • Has no adverse side effects.
  • Offers a money-back guarantee.
  • Offers various packages for different prices.
  • Free shipping for some orders.
  • Can be used by people of all ages.
  • Some individuals may need to take a higher dose to see results.
  • Only available on the official website.

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6. LumUltra (Lumonol)


This nootropic that has recently undergone rebranding, changing its name from Lumonol to Lumultra.

The formula remains unchanged however and Lumunol and Lumutra is one and the same thing.

For the purpose of this review we will use the new name, Lumutral.

The makers of this brain booster recognize that the brain is the most critical organ in helping us to shape our dreams and unleash our potential.

When you are distracted, nervous, or suffering from anxiety, you cannot unleash this potential to its optimum.

Incorporating Lumultra into your daily routine will make you more focused and alert and put you back in control of your dreams.

This smart drug works best for those who have demanding lifestyles by increasing cognitive energy, memory, and general mental performance.

This nootropic is formulated from Noopept and other carefully selected ingredients to give you amazing results.

To reap these benefits, the manufacturer recommends that you take two capsules a day with your breakfast.

You may, however, start with one capsule per day to help your body ease into the new supplement.

You may experiment with the dose as you see fit, but be careful not to take more than four capsules in one day.

Lumultra is manufactured in FDA approved labs in the USA by Avanse Nutraceuticals and ships worldwide.

How it works?

Lumultra relies on a blend of known herbal nootropics to supply the brain with needed nutrients for improved cognitive function, increased memory, and sharper focus.

It does this by working on three distinct stages:

Stage 1: It inhibits anxiety and reduces stress, nervousness, and feelings of uneasiness.

This allows you to have mental clarity and be more focused.

Stage 2: It improves vasodilation and increases blood flow to the brain.

This explicitly targets parts of the brain responsible for focus and motivation resulting in more effective use of brainpower.

Stage 3: It enables you to regain vision and clarity, allowing you to have more confidence and focus on reaching out to your dreams.

To deliver these three promises, its ingredients are grouped into three specific blends as follows:

  • Focus blend – 515mg; this blend contains Noopept, L-Tyrosine, Phosphatidylserine, and Acetyl L-Carnitine.
  • Energy blend – 415mg; this blend contains Guarana, Panax ginseng, and Vitamin B12.
  • Memory blend – 185mg; this blend contains Alpha GPC and Ginkgo Biloba.

Here are the three top ingredients found in this brain booster that make it so effective:

  • Noopept: This ingredient increases acetylcholine in the brain which in turn improves the learning process. It also fights free radicals, which might damage the brain while also boosting energy levels. This then results in more clarity, focus, and improved moods 5.
  • Guarana: Guarana is a stimulant that also helps to reduce mental fatigue. It is a natural source of caffeine that gives the right amount of energy without the heavy-handedness of caffeine. Guarana also helps to increase alertness.
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine: This ingredient has been seen to increase memory, learning, and also boost moods. It also protects the brain from premature aging, resulting in better performance overall.
Pros & cons
  • Contains ingredients known to boost cognitive function.
  • Increases energy and focus.
  • Ships worldwide.
  • It’s a proprietary blend- you cannot tell how much of an ingredient has been used or whether it’s effective.
  • Gains will be lost when you stop taking it.
  • It requires cycling.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a nootropic?

Brain Booster

A nootropic is a dietary supplement that is designed to enhance cognitive function or simply, to improve how the brain works.

It does this by improving various mental processes such as memory, learning, concentration, and focus.

Nootropics are also known as ‘brain boosters’ or ‘smart drugs.’

What are some of the benefits of nootropics?

Nootropics have the following benefits:

  • They boost brain function.
  • They improve concentration.
  • They improve memory and learning.
  • They enhance communication within the brain.
  • They increase mental energy.

Who should use nootropics?

Nootropics can be used by anyone who lives a demanding lifestyle, whether at work, home, or school, to improve concentration, focus and memory.

You can also take nootropics when getting ready for a significant event that requires an excellent presence of mind, such as an exam, a professional undertaking, an athletic performance, etc.

Nootropics are also great for older people who are experiencing loss in some cognitive functions such as memory and learning.

Which ingredients should I expect to see in a nootropic?

nootropics ingredients

Just like other dietary supplements, there are specific ingredients that make up an excellent nootropic that you should be on the lookout for.

These include:

  • Noopept.
  • Gingko Biloba.
  • Bacopa Monnieri.
  • Guarana.
  • Alpha GPC.
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine.
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine.

How can I decide on which nootropic to use?

To decide which nootropic to use, you should first think of the benefits you hope to get from it.

Are you looking to boost your memory or to increase concentration?

The next step is to look at different ingredients in the nootropics to determine which one is most effective.

A good nootropic will contain the most potent ingredients in sufficient doses.

When thinking about doses, you might want to stay away from proprietary blends that do not disclose how much of any substance they have used.

When you settle on one, it is best to start with a low dose such as one capsule before taking the full recommended dose.

This allows you time to see how your body reacts to the supplement.

What are the side effects of nootropics?

Most nootropics are made from natural ingredients that do not have adverse side effects.

Depending on the ingredients used and their quantities, some might cause headaches, stomach upsets, and dizziness.

One of the most popular side effects is sleep interruption caused by nootropics that contain large doses of caffeine.

As mentioned, it is best to understand the ingredients in a nootropic before you start taking it.


brain enhancement pills

The nootropics market is relatively new but has taken the world by storm.

There is great excitement in knowing that you don’t have to suffer from brain fog, anxiety, lack of focus, and poor concentration.

Incorporating a nootropic supplement can give the much-needed boost to your work, studies or athletic engagements.

Within no time, you can enjoy increased focus, concentration, alertness as well as better memory.

This review has looked at the 5 best nootropics in the market today.

We have laid down what they are made up of and how each can help you.

All you have to do is pick one, and we hope that you will be well on your way to a brand new, sharper you.


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